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U BET I WILL Season 1 "The Chefs 'Challenge"

A fun fitness reality show

This summer, 12 chefs will go head-to-head and compete in a four-week work out challenge at Style Fitness. And it’ll be documented in good ol’ reality show format, coming to you this June on City Weekend.

These chefs represent some of the best restaurants in Shanghai. In addition to slaving away in the kitchen for your dining pleasure, they’re unabashedly stepping into the limelight, this time, for a sweaty workout under the watchful eye of Style Fitness founder and coach Mauricio Reyes.

First day of training commences on June 19, Monday at 3pm. Following that, chefs will be in training three days a week, undergoing rigorous routines for four weeks.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the chefs participating:

Stefan Stiller, Taian Table

Scott Melvin, The Commune Social

Stay tuned!

We’ll be releasing the profiles of all the chefs this week and will be giving you a play-by-play of their progress.

Style Fitness is founded by coach and style performance specialist Mauricio Reyes and Jasmine Shi. The gym offers Style Functional, MMA, Dance, Style Performance and Crossfit with CFL2 certified trainers.

U Bet I Will is a reality show co-produced by F&B marketing veteran Charles Belin. He previously managed marketing for restaurants under the VOL Group, including Mr & Mrs Bund, Ultraviolet and Bar Rouge before starting his own agency. Season One of UBIW features chefs with the next season already in the works.

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